About Us

                     FitCheckByTracy is founded by Tracy Belizaire. Tracy has great expertise when it comes to fitness as she has been at this for 5 years now. She studies in nutrition and the way our body functions. Her major goal is to spread as much impact as possible helping women feel good in their own skin which is why she created the brand "Uniqueness Coach" (for more info visit www.uniqueness-coach.com). These days we are so influenced on the expectations of how a women should look just based off social media. Everyone is Uniquely beautiful in their own way as we are built in different shapes and sizes which is why our end results in fitness is so magnificent. But some still manage to compare themselves. We have partnered up with a variety of people to make Tracy dream come together to help women who have serious goals in fitness.  We have so much things planned for "FitcheckbyTracy" such as challenges with awards, 30 day challenges, meal plans, workout band etc. This will be a place where women can come together and uplift each other!